About Us


Welcome / Bienvenue at Allwoodworks. 

From the tender young age of four, I envisioned myself to either join the military or own a business in the wood industry.  Fate would have it that I lived long enough to experience both; a Canadian military career of 27 years and lately the opportunity to embrace my second passion with Allwoodworks. 

At Allwoodworks we specialize in heirloom custom woodworks such as memory boxes and display cabinets as well as pretty much anything else made out of wood that you may cherish.  We strive to deliver a quality product that will last for many years.   If you are like me, nothing aggravates you more than throwing something to the curb shortly after purchasing it because of lack of quality.  Looks can be deceiving these days! We hope to somewhat contribute in our own way in reversing the trend of “the disposable society” by being more ecologically minded in the fabrication of our products. Don't dispose of it - display it.

All of our products are proudly Canadian made.  If it is your first time on our site, we recommend you browse our product page before your depart from our website. You may just find the perfect gift or item you have been looking for.

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit us.  Pleas come back as we keep added products to our site.


Mike Dulude